A Consistent Negrophobist

August 16, 1862, page 528

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Drowning Gentleman.  "Take that Rope away, you darned Nigger!  What decent White Man, do you suppose, is going to allow himself to be saved by a confounded Nig----"
(Goes down, consistent to the last.)


This cartoon was published during the controversy over using black troops in the Union armed forces. In July 1862 Congress authorized the use of black men in the Union military, but racial prejudice in the North stirred considerable opposition. The black servicemen were segregated from whites, served under white commanders, and were initially paid less than their white counterparts of equal rank. (The U.S. armed forces were not desegregated until the 1950s.) Almost 200,000 black men served as soldiers, sailors, or laborers for the Union forces during the Civil War.


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